TRE In Action

Planning for the TRE-funded programs is focused on the categories of academic support and 21st-century classrooms.

The additional operating revenue will allow SAISD to approach academic programs with the kind of creativity and innovation needed to ensure all students receive a quality education and are well-prepared for college and careers.

Technology in Classrooms

Academic support:

  • Already in the works is the hiring of 250+ “Master Teachers” to help accelerate students who are behind academically. These teachers, who have a track record of achieving high levels of student success, will be placed next school year in classrooms across the District for programs that will include extended school days and summer school.
  • A new summer program will launch in July - starting with two weeks for select students and expanding in future years to one month.
  • To better serve our dyslexic students, we are in the process of hiring a team of 12 dyslexia specialists who will support our elementary schools starting next school year, providing services directly to students, as well as coaching and training to teachers.
  • To increase student success with advanced courses, starting in the 2017-18 school year a team of 14 Advanced Placement and 12 International Baccalaureate specialists not only will teach students, but also go out to campuses to provide instructional support for AP and IB teachers.
  • Extracurricular offerings in fine arts, ROTC and athletics are being expanded - starting in 2017-18 for middle-school students.


Technology is a key component in 21st-Century classrooms.

  • Currently, the District is in the process of purchasing technology devices for classrooms, starting with upgrading the oldest equipment in those schools the with lowest computer: student ratio. Technology purchases will include hand-held devices, interactive whiteboards, and other equipment.
  • A five-year technology plan is underway, to be presented later this spring.
  • The District is also preparing for a comprehensive facility and needs assessment to prioritize classroom upgrades. These will include additional data and power access to support increased technology, as well as other enhancements to the learning environment. Over time, SAISD plans to fund classroom renovations for all schools that did not benefit from either SAISD Bond 2016 or 2010.


Bond 2016

Bond 2016 & TRE

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