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Creation of the Committee was approved by SAISD Trustees to ensure the effective and efficient use of bond proceeds, and its purpose is to inform and advise them in matters relating to Bond 2016. Committee members also provide feedback to staff, review progress reports and report recommendations to the Board.

On May 15, 2017, School Board Trustees approved the appointment of 23 members, with one vacancy left to be filled by the Superintendent. Ultimately, the CAC will be comprised of 24 members. 21 members were nominated by Trustees from each single-member District. Two at-large representatives were nominated by the Superintendent and approved by the School Board.

Members will serve a two-year term. At the end of that term, they may be reappointed, or new Committee members may be nominated by the Trustees.

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David Garcia
David Garcia
Denise Ojeda
Ms. Denise Ojeda


District 1 - Steve Lecholop
  1. Brian Dillard
  2. Shannan Hern
  3. John Wilkins
District 2 - James Howard
  1. Darlyne Drummer
  2. Christopher Green
  3. Dimas Martinez
District 3 - Debra Guerrero
  1. Vacant
  2. Pat Jasso
  3. Denise Ojeda


District 4 - Arthur V. Valdez
  1. Maria Cruz
  2. Albert Regalado
  3. Yvonne Perez
District 5 - Patti Radle
  1. Carlos Gonzalez
  2. Vacant
  3. Rachel Maldonado
District 6 - Christina Martinez
  1. Andrew Alvarado
  2. Colton Powell
  3. Ray Sanchez


District 7 - Ed Garza
  1. Brandon Dross
  2. David Garcia
  3. Geneva M. Rico Watson
Superintendent - Pedro Martinez
  1. Mark Leita
  2. Vacant
  3. Vacant (to be filled at a later date)




Bond 2016

Bond 2016

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