Burbank HSBurbank High School


Renovations and upgrades to include:

  • Replace classroom buildings (general learning, science labs, special education)
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Auditorium and drama spaces
  • Cafeteria/kitchen
  • Black box theater
  • Administration/New Front Door
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Technology infrastructure for new and renovated spaces
  • Lighting
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Special needs accessibility in entryways, restrooms, and other areas
  • Remodel special education classrooms
  • Front-entry modifications to improve security
  • Athletic track re-coating
  • Tennis court fencing
  • Address preservation and documentation of mural artwork in cafeteria
  • Roofing and exteriors of renovated buildings and site improvements

* Actual cost may vary

Bond 2016

Bond 2016 & TRE

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San Antonio, Texas 78210
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